Tim Howard - A Performance for the Ages

Published Wednesday, July 2, 2014 10:32 AM by Shane Barrow
Tim Howard - A Performance for the Ages

Forget Ochoa.  It's all about Tim Howard.  A performance for the ages Tuesday against Belgium in Brazil.  A whopping 16 saves.  Many of them of the spectacular nature.  

Tim Howard has always been in the mix when talking about top keepers in the world.  After the 2014 World Cup I would have to say he has vaulted into the top two or three on the planet.  I think Belgium would put him numero uno after seeing him turn aside attack after attack.

Time after time Hazard and De Bruyne blasted through the non existent American midfield laying siege to the US backline.  Time and time again Tim Howard stood tall in the face of ultimate danger.

American coach Jurgen Klinsmann said Howard was a difference-maker. "What Tim played tonight was phenomenal," he said. "He had an absolutely amazing match, and you have to give him the biggest compliments in the world."

Sixteen times Belgium launched shots at the American goal.  Sixteen times Tim Howard held them back.  Hockey style kick saves.  Acrobatic palms over the crossbar.  Diving left and right to push shots away from danger.  Tim Howard did it all.

“He was fantastic, there’s no other way to put it,” Michael Bradley said. He’s somebody that we rely on so much not only for his performances on the field but for his leadership and his presence."

Finally he could do no more as De Bruyne slipped one just past him to break the tie.  Then Lukaku blasted one high to the near post.  Have you ever seen a better goalkeeping display in a game where we still give up a pair?  Even two goals could not tarnish Tim Howard's effort.

This performance will be long remembered for sure.  The great Tim Howard against Belgium in 2014.  A performance for the ages from the greatest goalkeeper in American history.

Of the loss: "It's heartbreaking," Howard said. "I don't think we could have given any more. What a great game of football. We got beat by a really great team. It's heartache. It hurts."

104 matches with the Unites States National Team.  Her's to many more in the future!