Klinsmann stirs controversy saying US cannot win Brazil 2014

Published Friday, June 6, 2014 2:29 PM by Shane Barrow
Klinsmann stirs controversy saying US cannot win Brazil 2014

The controveries keep coming from US Coach Jurgen Klinsmann. After a few years of earning the respect of hardcore American soccer fan, the last month has seen him lose much of this goodwill hard-earned.

A couple of weeks back Klinsmann angered many of the US soccer faithful by dropping icon Landon Donovan from the squad. Admittedly I myself could not stand the decision and am still troubled by it today. Landon deserves to be on this roster. Period.

The latest Klinsmann act to stir up controversy was his statement of today that the US cannot win the World Cup. In an interview with the New York Times’ Sam Borden, Klinsmann said it “is not possible” for the Americans to win the World Cup in 2014. He said we would have to play the game of our lives seven times to win the title. The media has jumped on the coach for his lack of confidence. Lambasted on ESPN and all over the internet for his comment.

Hasn't he learned that we Americans feel we can do anything? This "we can overcome all" attitude is what has lifted this nation to greatness over the past 250 years.  I will give Jurgen Klinsmann a pass since he did not grow up here and clearly hasn't learned the American fortitude.

Now before you expect me to pile on Jurgen Klinsmann here, I am not. I am a hardcore American soccer supporter following the team since childhood and writing stories here on Soccermogul for years. This statement does not bother me one bit. It is truth. Pure and simple.

Anyone who thinks we can win this thing must live in Colorado and smoke the ganja.

Seriously, there are really only maybe 4 or 5 squads that can win Brazil 2014. With the US placed in a horrible grouping the chances are even more remote. In fact, I say nobody from Group G gets there. Even Germany. It is going to be a dogfight just to get out of the group. The two teams that do advance will expend alot of energy in doing so and probably suffer an injury or two as well. Energy that would have been well served later in the tournament. Other teams will have much easier paths. So give Klinsmann a break on this one. I will not forgive him for disrespecting Landon Donovan, but I will not blast him for saying the US cannot win this World Cup. He is spot on.