A team America can be proud of

Published Wednesday, June 23, 2010 8:23 AM by Shane Barrow

Americans have a soccer team to make them proud.  A team that embodies everything that makes the United States great.  Heart, effort, the never say die attitude.  It is what the rest of the world knows.  Americans just do it.  On a Wednesday in South Africa an American soccer team just did it.  Against all odds. With their World Cup hopes agonizingly dying the slowest death.  Landon Donovan and the boys scored one of the biggest goals in US soccer history in a game that will be remembered for ages.

The linesman could not deny this result.  The woodwork would not deny this attack.  In a matter of seven seconds the fate of a nation's soccer team travelled from goalkeeper Tim Howard the entire length of the field finishing with Landon Donovan slotting home the most important goal of his life.  The celebration was spectacular and a nation will follow their soccer team into the knockout rounds of the 2010 World Cup.

It was the 91st minute of play with American hopes drifting.  An Algeria attack ended with a header straight into the hands of star American goalkeeper Tim Howard who collected the ball and fired a 50 yard toss right into the path of the streaking Landon Donovan.  Landon took a long touch and played a perfect ball to the young Jozy Altidore who was flying into the Algeria penalty area.  The tireless Clint Dempsey raced towards goal and Altidore rolled the ball into his path.  The Algerian keeper went down to make a brave save on Dempsey's poke, but the rebound was destined for Landon Donovan who followed the play.  As Donovan said in his postgame interview "time kind of stopped" and he slotted into the net for the greatest goal.

The Americans had done it.  They had found their winner.  A winner that not only puts them into the round of 16 it also wins Group C over England who finished second thanks to their 1-0 win over Slovenia.  This game will not be forgotten and a nation will watch on Saturday as the US mens soccer team continue to embody the characteristics that make our country so special.  GO ON USA!