Fabian Castillo transfer saga finally coming to end

Published Thursday, August 4, 2016 11:59 AM by Shane Barrow
Fabian Castillo transfer saga finally coming to end

What a mess this has turned out to be.  The Fabian Castillo transfer saga rolls on and on.  Perhaps we finally have some finality to the drama now as it sounds like an agreement has ultimately been reached between MLS, FC Dallas and Trabzonspor.  

It sounds like Fabian Castillo is indeed on his way to Turkey.  Not sure what he is thinking on this one.  Youngsters sometimes make silly mistakes and I think this will end up in that category.  A Colombian, well settled in Dallas and a star in the MLS, moves to a politically unstable country, fresh off a failed military coup. Where he cannot speak the language.  Oh yeah. This is going to work out quite well.

The details are not finalized yet, but Castillo is in Turkey.  The original agreement was Trabzonspor would pay $2 million now and $2 million in January for a $4 million transfer fee. MLS would get $1 million while FC Dallas got the remaining $3 million.  The problem was Trabzonspor did not pay last week when they were supposed to. The deal looked dead.

Now they have come back to the table.  It sounds like $3 million now with $1 million more in January.  If Trabzonspor fails to pay the final installment in January, Fabian Castillo returns to FC Dallas.  For some reason I feel pretty confident we will see Castillo back in Dallas after Christmas.  The question then becomes did he burn a bridge here with FC Dallas?

Castillo surprised FC Dallas fans, teammates and management last month when he suddenly left FC Dallas and travelled to Turkey without permission.  It has been a total mess since.  One thing FC Dallas does have is depth on the wing, but Fabian Castillo was a bit special in his ability to just go win a match on one dynamic run. This could be a loss that costs FC Dallas an MLS title this year.