Colorado Rapids claim MLS Cup in overtime over FC Dallas

Published Monday, November 22, 2010 11:43 AM by Shane Barrow

Soccer can be the cruelest of games. The better team just doesn't always win. Sunday was a prime example as FC Dallas ran circles around the Colorado Rapids only to fall 2-1 in overtime. You had to feel bad for FC Dallas as there were long stretches where the Rapids never could even cross midfield. FC Dallas grabbed the lead in the 35th minute when winger Marvin Chavez fired a perfect cross into the path of the streaking MLS MVP David Ferreira, who used his right foot to hammer the ball past Pickens in the Colorado goal. Colorado pushed for the tying goal late in the first half but were unable to break through. The Rapids emerged from halftime energized and took the game to Dallas in the opening ten minutes of play. Colorado tied it in the 57th minute. Jamie Smith cut into the penalty area and fired a low ball, with Connor Casey arriving at the same time as Dallas goalie Kevin Hartman and defender Jair Benitez. Casey reacted fastest when the ball squirted loose, kicking it into the goal while still lying on the grass. After that it was completely one way traffic as Colorado hung on while FC Dallas attacked relentlessly for the final 30 minutes of regulation. The final whistle stopped the Dallas momentum and allowed the Rapids to regroup. Things evened up in the overtime period as Colorado was finally able to generate some attack. In the second half of overtime, Colorado substitute Macoumba Kandji took a long pass from Casey inside the box and stabbed the ball across the face of the Dallas goal. His shot spun off John's left thigh and over the head of goalie Kevin Hartman. John was charged with an own goal. It was to be the cruelest of ways to lose. Credit to Dallas though as they threw everything they had forward and were unlucky to have not scored on several occasions in the final minutes. Somehow MLS awarded the MVP trophy to Connor Casey who had more fouls than anything else on the night. The MVP award should go for skill not the biggest goon on the field. Matt Pickens was much more deserving after his 10 save performance.