World Cup 2014 - Thought on Every Team Thru Two Games

Published Monday, June 23, 2014 10:13 AM by Shane Barrow

Just when you think you know....Bam.  Round 2 craziness.  Down goes Italy.  Out goes Spain.  England crumbles.  Brazil shutout. Germany run past.  Costa Rica? Algeria?

Money time!  The 32 teams each have one match remaining at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.   Only a handful of teams have been eliminated thus far leaving us plenty of drama yet to be played out over the next few days as the final group matches play out.

Group A -
Brazil - Cameroon should provide the opponent to get Brazil on track for the  knockout phases where Chile or Holland await.
Mexico - needing a result against tricky Croatia or they could be going home despite the fine start.
Croatia - quality win over imploding Cameroon.  Have to beat Mexico
Cameroon - Two games. Two bad results.  No surprise.

Group B -
Netherlands - got past the plucky Aussies.  Chile at a another level but a draw is enough to win the group.
Spain - Crashed and Burned.  Dead and Buried.
Chile - showdown with Holland and the opportunity to miss Brazil in the round of 16
Australia - can the hard-working Aussies get anything without Tim Cahill?

Group C -
Colombia - clearly the class of the group.  Nobody is going to want to face them in the knockouts...
Ivory Coast - good enough to get out of a weak group most likely
Japan - billed as a technically gifted side, Japan has been boring and disappointing thru two games
Greece - see Japan but leave out the technically gifted part

Group D -
Italy - Thud.  Winner take all against Uruguay
Costa Rica - the surprise of the tourney!  First Uruguay and then Italy.  Bryan Ruiz making a name for himself
Uruguay - dramatic win over England. Bigger test Italy awaits.
England - Got Suarezed.  Oh how the critics will cry when they get Ruiz'd next

Group E -
France - rolling through this group in impressive fashion.  8 goals already
Switzerland - how do they respond to a crushing defeat? Take care of Honduras and still likely to advance
Ecuador - rallied past Honduras but now face rolling France.  Knockouts looking doubtful.
Honduras - a game effort against Ecuador, but eliminated early as expected.

Group F -
Argentina - two matches. two wins.  nothing impressive as of yet though other than two Messi strikes
Nigeria - look very plain, but getting results anyway
Iran - hearts broken by Messi magic
Bosnia - bye bye Dzeko and friends

Group G -
Germany - Klose one minute one goal.  Point salvaged.
United States - Oh so close, but a draw is not the end of the world.  Plenty of work to do still as Germany looms
Portugal - almost dead despite the last gasp draw.  A lot still has to go in their favor
Ghana - where was this side in game one?  Need an emphatic win and a US loss

Group  H -
Belgium - topping an average group looking very average themselves.  Hazard magic rescues late.
Russia - big trouble in Moscow.  Must beat Algeria to advance.
South Korea - crunch and out you go
Algeria - somebody woke up the, uh, minnows?  Only need a draw to play on.