World Cup 2014 - Round of 16 Preview

Published Friday, June 27, 2014 7:00 PM by Shane Barrow

Sixteen teams all dreaming of World Cup glory.  Two games a day for the next four days where eight squads will earn their place in a quarterfinal.  Let's take a look at the eight round of 16 matches.

Brazil v Chile
Should definitely be an attacking affair between two sides that are very familiar with each other.  Neymar has been in fine form and should be the difference maker in this one.  Lookout if Chile can grab an early goal though.  Brazil 2-1

Colombia v Uruguay
Can Uruguay overcome the Suarez Circus?  Highly doubtful.  Especially against a brilliant looking squad from Colombia who have been simply flying.  Too much James Rodriguez in this one.  Colombia 2-0

Mexico v Holland
This one should be awesome!  Holland have looked great and El Tri are playing their most inspired soccer in years.  Can Mexico slow down Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie?  Tough one to call but I am going to pick this as the best game of the round of 16.   Holland 3-2 in a barn burner.

Greece v Costa Rica
Who would have ever predicted this one?  Costa Rica have been wonderful.  Greece have been about as blah as they always are.  Hopefully, Costa Rica can stay awake long enough to win this one.  I don't think either team scores. Greece in penalty kicks after a scoreless game even though I am rooting hard for the Ticos.

France v Nigeria
Interesting matchup here.  France has looked very good and if they have it in top gear for this one Nigeria simply does not have the talent to match. France takes it 2-0

Argentina v Switzerland
Messi is on and that is bad news for the Swiss.  Shaqiri better have another hat trick in him.  Argentina just too athletic and talented.  Argentina scores early and sits on it for a 1-0 win despite missing several good chances.

Germany v Algeria
The one team in the tournament that I see no holes.  Germany is stout!  Algeria should be nothing more than roadkill but they are calling on the ghosts of some match played 32 years ago for inspiration.  Not going to work.  Germany 3-1 as the Desert Foxes score one late.

Belgium v USA
Intriguing match here.  Belgium has looked pedestrian in winning their three games, but they have some true game breakers.  The Americans arrive battle tested and confident.  Two main factors in this game. Can the USA establish meaningful possession and does Eden Hazard take over this game?  My prediction: Belgium scores first but the Americans fight back and tie it in the second half.  Game goes to penalties .........Courtois v Tim Howard .......Dempsey knocks home the winner in the 5th round