World Cup 2014 - Argentina v Belgium Preview

Published Friday, July 4, 2014 9:13 PM by Jaime Nenclares

Tomorrow we get another mouth-watering World Cup match, and another countless amount of fans will be heartbroken at the end of it while the other country's celebrate in grand fashion. The big story here is: Eden Hazard vs Lionel Messi. It is one that will surely not disappoint.

Eden Hazard has underperformed with Belgium so far; it should come as little surprise though, as many big name players often struggle to replicate their club form on the international stage. Even Messi himself had failed to impress with Argentina until this World Cup.

Belgium will field a team that, in my opinion, is stronger than Argentina. Although Belgium lack the quality in attack that Argentina have on paper, on the field they both have moments of pure class and moments of dullness in their attacks. Belgium will also most like play off of the Argentines weaknesses. By playing in a counter-attacking fashion, they will most likely break Argentina down with the speed and, hopefully, quality needed to destroy Argentina's poor and slow defense, especially now without Rojo.  We saw against the United States that Hazard and De Bruyne can dominate a match and the Argentine defense is on the same level as the Americans.

Argentina has the quality to give Belgium fits with Messi and Di Maria, but the Belgium defense is quality and they also have the top young goalkeeper in the world in Thibaut Courtois.  This is where the game will be decided.  Belgium's defense against Argentina's attack.

Jaime's prediction- 2-1 Belgium. Although Argentina have home-field advantage and a star studded attack, Belgium will be able to shut them down with a solid defense and be able to hit them on a quick counter, and as both Zabaleta and Demichelis know, an even quicker Eden Hazard.