World Cup 2014 - A final thought on every team

Published Friday, June 27, 2014 11:02 AM by Shane Barrow
World Cup 2014 - A final thought on every team

On to the knockout stages we go!  Sixteen teams advancing and sixteen teams booking their trips home.  With the group stages in the books a final thought on every team in every group.

Group A -
Brazil - Neymar in full form as Cameroon provided a welcome lamb
Mexico - best they have looked in years.  Fascinating matchup with Holland awaits
Croatia - loads more quality than they showed down south
Cameroon - as the policeman says "move along folks, nothing to see here."

Group B -
Netherlands - your reward for winning a tough group? An in form Mexico
Spain - old guard carried them to a closing victory, but overall a flop
Chile - ready for the Brazil challenge
Australia - three games.  three losses.  Tim Cahill was refreshing at least.

Group C -
Colombia - one word: Entertaining!  Set up for a quarterfinal clash with Brazil
Ivory Coast - classic underachievers live up to billing
Japan - Total Flop
Greece - how did they advance? (yawn).

Group D -
Italy - hard done in Uruguay loss, but still should have been able to get out of this grouping
Costa Rica - the surprise of the tourney look destined for a long run as they can definitely beat the Greeks
Uruguay - Godin pushes them through.  Can they overcome the Suarez Circus?
England - about a disappointing World Cup as they have ever had

Group E -
France - looking very solid.  Tricky game with Nigeria next.
Switzerland - mission accomplished. Shaqiri the real deal. Can they trouble Argentina at all though?  Doubtful.
Ecuador - big disappointments and the only South American side to not advance
Honduras - never good enough

Group F -
Argentina - with Messi in this form they are nearly unstoppable on the attack
Nigeria - finally some flair from the Super Eagles!  Defense in question heading to the knockouts.  Can they shock France?
Iran - feisty tournament allows them to leave with heads held high
Bosnia - finally a Dzeko sighting helping to earn first ever World Cup win

Group G -
Germany - look serious contenders and get a walk to the quarterfinals as Algeria next
United States - another nervy day as they do enough to get out of the Group of Death.  Now anything goes as Belgium awaits.
Portugal - couldn't overcome the disastrous opening match
Ghana - just not enough to survive this tough group

Group  H -
Belgium - won all three in last fifteen minutes.  Not looking great though
Russia - big time disappointment as they cannot advance from the weakest grouping
South Korea - just as bad as the other Asian sides in the tourney
Algeria - who saw them advancing?  And your reward?  A date with Germany