The Best Six of Brazil 2014

Published Monday, July 21, 2014 1:43 PM by Shane Barrow
The Best Six of Brazil 2014

Now that we have had a couple of weeks to digest the greatness that was Brazil 2014.  Here are my Six from Brazil.

1. Germany - The deserving champions.  The best team over the full course of the Cup.  Well coached.  Offensively very  good.  Defensive stalwarts with Neuer backing them.

2. James Rodriguez of Colombia - Many thought Colombia would be crippled by the loss of their star striker Falcao.  Surely he was missed, but in stepped the 22yr old Rodriguez to score six times and lead Colombia right to the verge of knocking out Brazil in the quarters.  Golden Boot winner and on his way to Real Madrid fo a whopping fee.

3. CONCACAF - nobody expected the showing from CONCACAF at all.  Mexico were drawn with hosts Brazil.  The USA were in the Group of Death.  Costa Rica were in the Group of Champions.  Yet all three advanced with Costa Rica making it to the final eight before bowing out in penalties.  A special salute to the goalkeepers of the region that were the best! Tim Howard, Ochoa and Navas.

4. Neymar - even when he was injured he was the big man in Brazil and we all saw what happened to his team without him in the lineup.  In the end he solidified his place as a world star that should be a headliner for years to come.

5. The heartbreaking losses suffered - so many games went right to the death in Brazil.  Agonizing losses that saw teams fight to the last minute and then suffer a crushing result.  Algeria v Germany, Iran v Argentina, USA v Portugal, Mexico v Holland, Chile v Brazil, USA v Belgium, Costa Rica v Holland, Greece v Ivory Coast , Argentina v Holland and I could go on and on.

6. Arjen Robben - oh the controversy Robben brought to this World Cup.  His wonderful play in the romp over Spain. How easily he went to ground on seemingly every contact.  Mexico complained vehemently.  Costa Rica were complaining before their quarterfinal match had even begun.  Love him or hate him no doubt Robben was not just a controversial figure in Brazil he's also one of the clear stars of the tournament going past defenders almost at will.