Qatar 2022 World Cup keeps running into problems

Published Friday, September 13, 2013 5:09 AM by Shane Barrow
Qatar 2022 World Cup keeps running into problems

It was one of the more crazy decisions FIFA has ever settled upon.  Awarding a summer World Cup to minnows Qatar in 2022.  It was a stunning decision and one that drew and still draws shaking heads around the world.  It makes no sense at all, unless you factor in the fact that FIFA is one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet.  It is obvious that bribes were flying behind closed doors.  

Promises were made at a breakneck pace.  Qatar has never come close to qualifying for a World Cup in their entire history.  Their soccer program is basically non-existent.  A minnow would be a kind description.  The country only has three soccer stadiums with capacities over 20,000 and two of them only hold 22,000 when sold out.  Sure they have promises to build a bunch of stadiums that will sit wasted and empty after the tournament ends.

I guess that is not a big deal since nobody is going to go anyway.  Have you ever looked at a map to see just where Qatar sits?  Qatar is just across the Persian Gulf from Iran and Iraq.  To the south?  Yepp there's Yemen.  To the west?  Lebanon and Syria.  To the East?  Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

Qatar sits perfectly in the middle of the worst places in the world.  Do you actually think anyone from North America or Western Europe is actually going to travel there? Hell no.  They'll be lucky to have stadiums half full at best.

Now let us address the biggest problem at all and that is playing a World Cup in the desert in the summer.  When the bribes were flying FIFA did not see a problem.  Now that the decision is made FIFA is doing an about face.  The corrupt leader Sepp Blatter now says Qatar 2022 should be moved to the winter and has admitted FIFA's mistakes.  It's easy to admit a mistake after the $$ has been pocketed.

So now FIFA is going to force a winter World Cup against the wishes of every major professional league in the world.  So just what's next?  A 2022 World Cup nobody is going to attend.  A World Cup lacking quality stadiums.  World Cups are celebrations.  Qatar 2022 is being seen as a joke around the world.