Mexico with a favorable World Cup 2014 draw despite getting Brazil

Published Saturday, December 7, 2013 4:52 AM by William Montero
Mexico with a favorable World Cup 2014 draw despite getting Brazil

Mexico is alive and well. Thanks to a couple of last minute American goals in Panama and a less than challenging playoff with New Zealand. The news just keeps getting better for El Tri. There is hope for Mexico after a favorable draw for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Despite being drawn against favorites and host Brazil, Mexico can dream of getting out of Group A. El Tri will open with a very manageable match with African side Cameroon. Even with all the failures from the past year, Mexico will be favorites in the match on June 13th. Get a good result here and anything can happen.

Then on Tuesday, June 17th Mexico will face off against powerful Brazil. The good news is that Mexico has played Brazil very well in the past, including a game effort in last summer's Confederations Cup. It is highly unlikely they can get anything out of this game though. But they really don't need to.

The final Group A game is against Croatia. A solid European side, but definitely not unbeatable. A very winnable game. If Mexico can find their flare and pace, Croatia will have a difficult time keeping up. This will be the make-or-break game. Get the three points and Mexico is more than likely through to the knockout phase.

A pretty straight-forward analysis right? Seems simple. But. This is Mexico and very little has gone well. Sure, they took care of New Zealand in the playoff, but come on. New Zealand would not have made the playoffs in MLS. They stunk.

There are tons of question marks surrounding this team. How will new boss Miguel "Piojo" Herrera bring back in the stars from Europe? He simply has to include Chicharito, Giovanni Dos Santos and friends. Will they mesh back in? It will be interesting to see.

Sure, the group is wide open for Mexico to advance. But a flame-out is still a real possibility. Play like they have over the last year and El Tri will crash out for sure. Luckily they have over six months to get it all sorted out.