Colombia upset Brazil on Murillo goal

Published Wednesday, June 17, 2015 9:28 PM by Jaime Nenclares

The Copa America has provided nothing but upsets and excitement for both Brazil and Colombia as Brazil were almost held to a tie by feisty Peru and Colombia was handed a shocking defeat by none other than Venezuela. Furthermore, the last time these two South American giants faced each other it proved to be a fantastic game that was narrowly won by the then World Cup hosts, Brazil.

Here is how the two sides will line up-
Colombia- Ospina; Zuñiga, Murillo, Zapata, Armero; Cuadrado, Sanchez, Cardona, James; Teofilo, Falcao
Brazil- Jefferson; Alves, Silva, Miranda, Luis; Fernandinho, Elias; Willian, Fred; Firmino, Neymar

SoccerMogul's Pregame Prediction Brazil 2-1 Colombia
With Thiago Silva finally back for Brazil and Neymar working his magic then I can''t see how Colombia can get more than a goal from them, but do expect a fight since Colombia desperately need the three points if they want to advance to the next round.

This game was all about taking your chances and that's exactly what Colombia did and it's exactly what Brazil did not.The game ended 0-1 for the Colombian's with a scruffy shot taken by Murillo in the 36th coming from a set piece that the Verdeamarela simply couldn't clear. Interestingly enough the only goal of the match was also Colombia's only shot on target.

By gifting Brazil possesion for most the match Colombia really had to remain solid in the midfield and defence and that they did. Brazil couldn't handle the pressure against 'Los Cafeteros' and missed many clear opportunities to go ahead; namely Firmino's skyed shot at a wide open goal in the 58th minute.

Other than that the loss handed to Brazil by the Colombian's was caused by Neymar's inability to lead his team and it showed. Towards the end one could clearly see the frustration on the Brazilian's faces and that frustration translated into their inability to get back into the match.

Carlos Sanchez was also amazing for the away team putting in a Nemanja Matic-like performance in the middle of the park by stopping the myriad of attacks led by Neymar and his teammates.  Sanchez kept his team organized and fighting. Cuadrado proved to be a great threat for his Chelsea teammate Filipe Luis that constantly tried stopping him and repeatedly failed.

Soccermogul's prediction was wrong, but to be fair we were all hoping for a Colombia win, we just simply didn't see them beating a Brazil side with Neymar or Thiago Silva. The two sides clashed after the final whistle with Neymar seeing a red card for his aggressions.  He is now suspended for the Brazilians next match against Venezuela and his loss will certainly be felt, hopefully not as heavily as it was against Germany in the World Cup beat down.