Brilliant Brazil blasts Spain to win Confederations Cup 2013

Published Saturday, June 29, 2013 1:50 PM by Roberto Garcia
Brilliant Brazil blasts Spain to win Confederations Cup 2013

We had the dream final we wanted.  The world champions Spain.  Winners of everything the last few years.  Brazil.  Passionate.  Skilled.  Ready to slay the king.  We were not let down at all.  

Brazil showed an intensity rarely seen.  Flying around.  Kicking anything that moved.  The ball. Spaniards.  It didnt matter.  Spain simply could not deal.

The opening goal came within two minutes as a cross came into the Spanish six yard box.  Iker Casillas failed to come off his line and the ball fell into a pile of players where from the ground Fred scored from close range.

The Macarana erupted in wild celebrations and the Brazilians continued their flying start.  The short passing game of Spain was gone.  Brazil pressed high up the pitch and when they didn't get the ball they never hesitated to hack down a Spanish player.

For the majority of the first half Spain were clearly rattled.  Forced into playing longer balls it was a losing effort.  Finally, Spain broke the pressure as Fernando Torres turned out of the midfield and found himself in a 2v1 against David Luiz.  Torres slid the ball to Pedro who raced in on Julio Cesar slotting the ball round the keeper.  The ball was headed to net and just before entering Luiz slid in and popped the ball over the crossbar making a brilliant save.

The play energized Brazil further and within minutes they had their second goal.  Once again Neymar took center stage.  Oscar slips a pass to Neymar who touches and fires into the roof of the net from 10 yards out.  Brazil were on their way and carried a shocking but deserved 2-0 lead into halftime.

The Brazilian energy was on display once again as the second half began.  Hunting the ball.  Relentless.  Within two minutes Brazil cashed in on another Spain turnover as Hulk found Fred on the left side where he slid a perfect low shot just past the outstretched Casillas for the third goal.  

Who could have seen this coming?

How would Spain react?

The champions would mount a brief fight back and in the 54th minute they earned a penalty when Marcelo dropped Jesus Navas just inside the area.   Sergio Ramos stepped up and confidently fired his shot wide to the delight of the Brazilian crowd.  At that point the champions were dead.  Nothing was going right.  No way back from there.

The Spanish nightmare jsut would get worse from there as Gerard Pique found Neymar racing at him 1v1 in the 67th minute.  Beaten for speed, Neymar touched the ball past Pique who went down and tripped Neymar.  Red Card and justifiably so.  Now Spain were down 3-0 and down to ten men.

It was just a celebration from there as Brazil saw out the massive victory.

The blueprint has been revealed.  Press Spain high up the field.  Be physical.  Don't be afraid to take a whack.  The champions are not invincible.  

Brazil suddenly cast their name as favorites for the 2014 World Cup.  Can they play this well for the seven games it will take to win the title?  I would not doubt it after today's performance!