A Look at the Brazil 2014 World Cup groups

Published Friday, December 6, 2013 5:04 AM by Shane Barrow
A Look at the Brazil 2014 World Cup groups

The World Cup draw is in the books for Brazil 2014.  A couple of massively difficult groups are on the board.  Most notably Group B which includes Spain, Holland and Chile.  Also Group D with Uruguay, Italy and England.  Finally the US were drawn into a very tough group along with Germany, Portugal and Ghana.

The other five groups look pretty straight-forward. Brazil got a cakewalk as they'll face Croatia, Cameroon and Mexico in Group A.  Group E looks feathery with Switzerland, France, Ecuador and Honduras.  Belgium also got a good grouping with Russia, Algeria and South Korea.  Argentina have to be happy as well drawing Iran, Bosnia and Nigeria. Colombia must be dancing in the streets as they drew Group C with Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan.

Group A - 
Looking pretty simple for Brazil.  They'll open with Croatia and then face Mexico and Cameroon.  The real question is who gets the second spot in the group and advances.  Mexico has basically looked like crap for months, but they always seem to rise to the challenge of facing Brazil.  Cameroon is a total wildcard as is Croatia.  It would not be a surprise to see Mexico escape from such an easy group, but it would also not be a surprise at all to see them crash and burn.

Group B -
Gotta love this opening match!  World Champions Spain facing off against The Netherlands in a rematch of the 2010 World Cup Final.  Do not count out a very talented Chile side though.  They could be a major sleeper here.  And in conclusion....poor poor Australia.

Group C -
Colombia is loving this draw.  They should roll here.  A tricky Greece side that is always offensively challenged will fight it out for the second spot along with Japan and the Ivory Coast.  Second place is wide open!  Flip a coin.

Group D -
Another difficult group.  Especially for England.  We will get treated to a mouthwatering opening match of Italy-England.  Uruguay is the top seed in the group though and will be very difficult to beat playing in South America.  Can Costa Rica sneak a result out and spoil the World Cup for one of the other three?

Group E -
France is loving this draw!  They get an average Switzerland side and Honduras along with Ecuador.  Definitely a group that France can win.  It is also a group that France could crash and burn in only a way that France can!  Will Switzerland live up to their lofty ranking?

Group F -
Easily the weakest bracket of them all.  Argentina should have no problems here at all.  Not one of the three should even be able to give them a scare at all.  Nigeria should be favorites to take the second spot over Iran and Bosnia.

Group G -
Group of Death?  Probably so.  Germany cannot be happy at all.  Portugal and the powerful Cristiano Ronaldo await them in the opening match.  The USA will open against Ghana, a side that has knocked them from the two previous World Cups.  Germany should have the talent to top the group.  Who gets second?  A tall task for the Americans and Jurgen Klinsmann.

Group H
Happy. Happy. Happy.  That would be Belgium.  Already tabbed as one of the potentials darlings of Brazil 2014, Belgium got a great draw.  A tricky matchup with Russia awaits followed by minnows Algeria and South Korea.