The end of Jose Mourinho is at hand

Published Saturday, October 24, 2015 11:38 AM by Shane Barrow

Are we seeing the end of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea?  It certainly seems so.  He looks to have lost control of the squad and Chelsea have certainly lost their way.

We here in the States live by a creed.  "It's not what happens to you it is how you handle what happens to you."  Jose Mourinho clearly doesn't acknowledge this motto.  It is easy to handle winning.  It is when things do not go as planned when we see true character.  Mourinho is clearly lacking character of late.  He has continually blamed everything except his own squad or himself so far.  There is always drama. It usually is the fault of the referee according to Jose.  Some outside force is at hand.

Instead of putting your head down and getting to work, they point fingers. How about focusing on Chelsea?  How about putting your head down and getting after it?  How about calling the heart of your players into question within the locker room?

Chelsea have only three wins from ten matches this season.  They currently sit a ridiculous 15th in the EPL table.  Owner Roman Abramovich will not stand for this.  Poor performance is not tolerated in his office.  Chelsea is expected to win trophies.

The latest performance was once again not up to par.  Different day. Same script. Chelsea fell behind early at West Ham Saturday.  Once again they imploded rather than facing the challenge head on.  After having a ball miss out on crossing the line by an inch Chelsea then were on the wrong end of a very tight offside call.  Fabregas looked to be in line, maybe inches offside at most. The flag went up and the Fabregas goal disallowed.

Within minutes Chelsea blew up.  Matic was shown two yellow cards and was sent to the stands. Costa was cautioned.  Fabregas was cautioned. An assistant coach was sent off.  A couple of minutes later the halftime whistle sounded.  Jose Mourinho was dismissed for an incident in the tunnels.  Chaos. No surprise Chelsea were unable to find the result after the break.

Chelsea crumpled.  Almost nothing was said after the match.  Tim Cahill stated Mourinho said next to nothing in the post game locker room.  Jose Mourinho refused to talk to the press or show up to the post game interviews.  Things are spiraling and the end is near I think.

Losing is not accepted at Chelsea, but losing in this manner is even worse.  I expect Roman Abramovich to pull the string soon especially with Mourinho facing an extended ban from the FA. The end for Jose Mourinho is at hand.