Sunderland pull massive upset beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Published Saturday, April 19, 2014 1:50 PM by Roberto Garcia
Sunderland pull massive upset beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Wow!  Who could have seen this one coming?  Sunderland beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge?  Goodness gracious, but that is exactly what happened today.

Sunderland is sure not going quietly this season.  Locked into the EPL depths for what seems like forever Sunderland were long written off as sure relegation sufferers.  They put up a great fight today though and had the match all tied at 1-1 well into the second half.

The monster moment came late on when César Azpilicueta slipped and Jozy Altidore was there to pick up the loose ball 30 yards from goal on the right.  Altidore raced off towards goal with Azpilicueta in close pursuit.  Getting deep into the box Jozy Altidore slowed up slightly readying a strike.  Azpilicueta slid in not really making much of any contact on Altidore who lost his footing before hitting the ball.  Altidore went down and the referee awarded a penalty.  Clearly not a foul as the Chelsea crowd protested.

Fabio Borini expertly converted the tension filled penalty and Sunderland were on pace for a shocking result.

It set up a cracking finish that's for sure.  Chelsea streamed forward in waves after the questionable penalty.  Attacking from all angles.  Somehow Sunderland held on.  Where has this effort been all year?  They would never be in sich a state if they had played like this the opening 30 matches of the season for sure.  Four minutes of stoppage time gave Chelsea hope, but Sunderland saw the game out in grand fashion.  

The shocking win gives Sunderland hope to stay alive in the EPL and avoid relegation.  They still sit last, but only trail Norwich by a single game for safety and Norwich have a almost impossible schedule going forward.

Chelsea, on the other hand, can kiss the EPL title goodbye if Liverpool beat lowly Norwich tomorrow as expected.  Liverpool will lead by five points with only three matches to play.