Study shows Manchester United did least with budget this year

Published Tuesday, May 16, 2017 12:47 PM by Shane Barrow

There was a very interesting recent study on EPL spending and success recently released.  It looked at how many points a team earned in the standings against how much money the team spent on budget.

Interestingly enough, Manchester United rated the lowest in the English Premier League in a recent report that compared money spent with points earned in the standings. Quite a fascinating report honestly to see who is doing the most good with their spending. I know success is up for debate here. I mean Manchester United will finish no worse than 6th in the EPL and have booked a place in the Europa League Final coming up. So some will say it was not a total loss this year. Certainly not a loss if they beat Ajax in the Europa Final giving ManU a coverted Champions League place for next year.

But the report is fascinating to study. It clearly shows that spending equals success. Of the top six finishers in the EPL this year, five of them are at the bottom of the list spending much more to earn the points to win. The big surprise is Tottenham at the very top. The most productive team when it comes to winning more and having reasonable spending. Spurs have done it by assembling a massive array of young talent like Harry Kane and Dele Alli. It is a wonderful achievement for Tottenham this year finishing second on a reasonable payroll, but look for that to change soon as the youngsters are going to seek more lucrative contracts soon. That wage bill will increase for sure. The club will be able to afford it though as they have Champions League play to look forward to as well as a shiny, new, monster stadium in the works.

Everton was another club interesting to see at the top. Finishing 7th this year on a quite reasonable payroll. They'll be in the Europa League next year which will be exciting for the supporters, but there is turbulence. Will star striker Romelu Lukaku stay on? Will young stud Ross Barkley sign a new deal? Could be a vastly different Everton side next year.

Another winner in the report is clearly Bournemouth. A low budget of under $60 million and a very respectable mid-table finish means the club have earned big profits this year. Will they sink some of these earnings into new signings for next season or will they seek to make another big profit for ownership?

Both Middlesbrough and Hull came up and promptly were relegated right back down. With wage bills of barely above $30 million for the two teams, both clubs made a tidy profit this year. Unfortunately they are right back to toiling in the lower leagues again.

Burnley spent the most of the promoted teams outspending Hull and Middlesbrough by $10 million and it paid off. Burnley survived, made a nice profit and will get to play with the big boys again next year.

So definitely an interesting study to show who does what with their money. In the end it basically showed that to finish at the top of the English Premier League a team must open the wallet and spend the money. There are outliers like Tottenham and Everton at the top as well as the low budget guys like Burnley who did a lot with a small budget. For the most part thought the more you spend the higher you finish. There is a direct correlation to big budget leading to high league position. So no real surprise there right?