Ibrahimovic leads Manchester United in home opener

Published Friday, August 19, 2016 10:17 PM by Shane Barrow
Ibrahimovic leads Manchester United in home opener

I would term this debut a success.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba made their Old Trafford debuts leading new boss Jose Mourinho's side to an impressive 2-0 win in their home opener.  What a change a year makes.  Last year fans moaned and groaned as Louis Van Gaal led a lackluster Manchester United team to several disappointments.  This year optimism and energy is in the air.

Enter one Paul Pogba, who despite spending the last month on vacation, stepped right onto the pitch for a quality ninety minutes with his new mates. The most expensive transfer in the world made a nice showing.  This guy is a stud and he will simply boss the league once he gets his match fitness. Jose Mourinho gushed after the match calling Pogba "phenominal" and said "so comfortable in the skin of a star. So confident. Considering his training and that it was his first match of the season, he played phenomenal."

Then there is this Zlatan Ibrahimovic guy.  Outspoken and brash. He backs up his big mouth by putting the ball in the net.  With a brace today Zlatan already has notched four goals in his first three games.  Quite a start for a striker who is only going to get more comfortable in coming games.  "I am happy for the team. Two games, two wins. We are becoming better and better. First game home, we win, so It's a good start. We need to get used to winning because the mental part is also important, not only the physical part."

And Jose Mourinho?  He looks quite comfortable on that Old Trafford sideline.  The magic one looks like he is pulling all the right strings too. Fellaini in the starting lineup. Juan Mata in the starting lineup. Wayne Rooney active again. Only Mourinho would have thrown Pogba for nintey today.

In the end it was a solid 2-0 victory for Manchester United.  Two wins in two matches and a quality 5-1 goal differential.  After a trip to Hull City next weekend the monster Manchester Derby looms as City arrives at Old Trafford for a huge early season clash between Mourinho & the newly arrived Pep Guardiola.  Must see tv coming on the near horizon!