FIFA deals Luis Suarez a hefty suspension for World Cup bite

Published Thursday, June 26, 2014 9:41 AM by Shane Barrow

FIFA did not take long to levy punishment for the bite heard round the world.  We all saw the biting incident on Tuesday when Luis Suarez took a chomp on the shoulder of Italy's Chiellini in the second half of the 1-0 Uruguay victory.  The result eliminated Italy and pushed Uruguay on to the knockout rounds in Brazil.

Outrage followed.  It was shown on every newscast. Zombie jokes followed.  FIFA announced an investigation.  One day later FIFA came down hard on Luis Suarez with a substantial penalty.

The FIFA decision:  

Luis Suarez suspended from Uruguay for nine international matches to include the rest of World Cup 2014.  

Luis Suarez handed a $100,000 fine.  Seriously?  He makes that in about four days playing for Liverpool.  A non-event.

Luis Suarez is suspended for four months from all soccer activities.  Yes that means the English Premier League season and Liverpool.  That would mean Suarez could not return until late October.  It would take even longer to gain match fitness.  Doing the math that would mean a solid eight EPL matches missed possibly even more.  It also means Suarez would be out for the entire Champions League group phase.  Does Liverpool even bring him back now?  He already was a villan from last year's incident.  Then he goes out in Brazil and knocks in two goals to beat England last week.  Now this?  Liverpool might just cut ties altogether me thinks.  Rumours of a Barcelona move have been circulated, but they might not pull the trigger now.