EPL Second Weekend Winners & Losers

Published Monday, August 17, 2015 10:16 PM by Shane Barrow
EPL Second Weekend Winners & Losers

Two weekends in and we already have interesting story lines throughout the Barclays English Premier League. Chelsea slipping and Mourinho running his mouth as always. Both Swansea and Leicester are flexing their minnow muscles. We have a Yaya Toure / Kompany revival while the Chelsea stars are missing in action.  Here are the winners and losers from week two in EPL play.

The Winners ---
1. Leicester - Hmm top four of Man City, Liverpool, Man United and Leicester?????  Home this weekend to face Spurs.

2. Manchester City - Wow. Pelligrini and his men off to a flying start with two dominant performances to open the season. Clearly serving notice City are title contenders.

3. The Turnaround Boys - Arsenal, Everton, Norwich all won after subpar performances on the opening weekend.

4. Swansea - another quality performance.  Nobody is looking forward to the trip to Wales to face the Swans as they are loaded with talent.

Treading Water ---
1. Stoke City - a White Hart Lane rally to build upon, but still only one points from two games thus far.

2. Watford - new boys have gotten two draws from their first two

The Losers ---
1.  Tottenham - blowing a two goal lead on home turf just doesn't sit well.  One point from two matches is even worse.

2. Chelsea - losing ground fast as they find themselves five points behind after only two weeks. Plenty of time to make it up though, but things just don’t seem right.

3. Sunderland - not much more to say other than Sunderland look horrible