EPL Opening Weekend Winners & Losers

Published Monday, August 10, 2015 5:15 PM by Shane Barrow
EPL Opening Weekend Winners & Losers

All is right with the world!  The English Premier League is underway and we have 38 weeks of the beautiful game to entertain us.  There were some extreme eye openers this weekend though as some surprising scorelines dominated the headlines.  Manchester City announced quite clearly that they have true title intentions while two other favorites faltered. So just who were the winners and losers of the opening weekend?

The Winners ---
1. The Little Guys - sure it is only one week, but a look at the top five shows Leicester, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Aston Villa. Say wha?

2. Manchester City - the only one of the big boys to put on a dominant display. If Yaya Toure returns to his form from two years ago look out.

3.  Swansea - solid last year, they could be even better this year. My choice to jump into the top seven this year.

Treading Water ---
1. Manchester United & Tottenham - can't say we learned much about either side from that Saturday yawner.

2. Southampton - due for a dip in the table this year me thinks

The Losers ---
1.  Petr Cech and Arsenal - Ouch. Mourinho surely got a good chuckle out of this one as Cech laid and an egg in his debut and Arsenal slumped to a bad home loss.

2. Bournemouth - to stay up you cannot lose to Aston Villa on your home turf. They might look back on this result late in the season and point to it as a reason for going down.

3. Chelsea - dropping points at home and a Courtois red card were not the Mourinho plan. With a visit to Manchester City looming the defending champions could find themselves five points back after only two weekends.

4. Everton - A home draw with Watford was not good enough and looking ahead will cause sleepless nights. Four of next six on the road @ Southampton, Tottenham, Swansea & WBA with home fixtures with Man City & Chelsea.  Ouch.  Expect Everton to be solidly in the relegation zone after seven matches.