EPL - Battle for Champions League heats up

Published Sunday, February 22, 2015 9:07 PM by Shane Barrow

What a finish we are going to have as the top seven are well positioned heading into the final twelve matches of the English Premier League season.  It's a two team race as Chelsea and Manchester City will fight it out for the title.  Chelsea have a solid five point lead currently, but we have seen that lead evaporate once already this year.  Can City clsoe that gap again?

The other big fight is for the final two Champions League berths earned by the third and fourth place finishers.  Right now five teams are lined up nicely between third and seventh with a single point between each position.  Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger echoed the tight race "It's the first time that there's many more teams involved in the top-four race," stated Wenger following his side's victory over Crystal Palace.

Arsenal 48
Manchester United 47
Southampton 46
Liverpool 45
Tottenham 44

Two will end up happy while the other three will settle for the Europa League.  Arsenal are looking good and should be favorites to go third when all is settled.  Their offense is as good as ever, but lately they seem to have found a stingy defense as well.  Manchester United remain a big question mark.  Southampton is the surprise of the five.  They have serious quality, but I'm not sure they can get inside the top four in the end.

Liverpool grabbed a massive three points at Southampton today amidst a match filled with questionable non-calls from the referee that most likely would have completely changed the outcome of the match.  With Sturridge getting healthy they are my pick to finish fourth.  Tottenham are so hot and cold.  Harry Kane is on fire, but I just don't think it will be enough as they head to the Europa League for another year.  The big match of the coming weekend shows Manchester City visiting to Anfield to face Liverpool Sunday. A City defeat could spell the end of the title race.

Soccermogul predicted finish:
1 Chelsea
2 Man City
3 Arsenal
4 Liverpool
5 Man United
6 Tottenham
7 Southampton