Cardiff City hang on for famous victory over Man City

Published Sunday, August 25, 2013 11:27 AM by Shane Barrow
Cardiff City hang on for famous victory over Man City

Who could have seen this one coming?

Cardiff City scored three times on powerful Manchester City and then had to hang on for dear life as they squeaked out a famous 3-2 victory in front of a crazed Wales crowd.

Ben Turner was a mountain in front of the Cardiff goal and when Negredo flicked over they had their victory.  They waited half a century for a day like this!  Absolutely unbelievable and to put it simply "This is why the EPL is the best and most entertaining league in the world."  

Despite long stretches of possession, the visitors only had a single Eden Dzeko goal to show for their opening hour of play.  They would end up rueing the missed opportunities.  They should have been able to ride their talents and put the match to bed.  Instead they found themselves in a hornets nest.

There will be few bigger shocks than this one all year long.  Former Manchester United man Frasier Campbell was the hero as he rallied Cardiff from a 1-0 deficit.  After Aron Gunnarsson had tied the match on the hour mark Campbell scored twice in a span of 8 minutes to open a 3-1 Cardiff lead.

It wouldn't be easy though and when Negredo scored in injury time the sweat was on.  Six minutes of injury time were not enough for Manchester City though as Cardiff City escaped with a massive 3-2 victory.

Passion won out over pedigree and wasn't it wonderful to watch.