Indiana claims 2012 NCAA Title over Georgetown

Published Sunday, December 9, 2012 12:48 PM by William Montero

The powers are back.  Indiana were once the rulers of thecollege soccer world.  After a 1-0 victory over Georgetown Sunday afternoon they are back on top.

It was defense that led the way for the Hoosiers.  Both matches at the College Cup were 1-0 shutout victories.  On Sunday, Georgetown rarely got a good look at the Hoosier net.

Not like Georgetown were pushovers though.  They fought valiantly but clearly had some tired legs after Friday's dramatic 4-4 game with Maryland that they won on penalty kicks.

The winning goal would come after the break as a long cross Eriq Zavaleta headed across goal to the wide open Nikita Kotlov for the easy tap in.  The Hoyas tried to mount a rally from there, but the staunch Indiana defense would have none of it as Luis Soffner led the effort.

“It was a really hard fought final,” Indiana head coach Todd Yeagley said. “I couldn’t be more proud of these players, in particular the seniors, for what they’ve done for the program, certainly the players underneath them that have helped us get back to this proud moment. Words are hard to explain emotionally what we shared in the locker room and what that team shared on the field.”